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1. Department of Health Sanitary Certificate of Bakery, New York City. John Bradick June 11, 1926. 2. Feb 1879 Speech delivered by 14 year old Eugene Laverty to President James H. Raymond of the Aggassiz Literary Society. 3. Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company policy declaration dated Nov 1863 to Cromwell Anish Lohman (?) of Louisiana County. 4. Physicians and Surgeons Certificate of Registration Baltimore, Maryland for Charles S Parker MD. 5. Hospital Birth Certificate , Bay Ridge Hospital, Brooklyn, NY February 11, 1950 for Robert Finn Anderson. 6. Certificate of Baptism for Loretta Devine February 14, 1904. According to the Rite of the Roman Catholic Church. 7. Marriage Certificate of Charles W. Franklin and Isabella Harvey of Boston. Married on June 2, 1930. 8. Certificate of Marriage St. Rita's Church, Roman Catholic Church, New York. Martin Rushe and Mary Dugan Nov. 21, 1936. 9. Marriage certificate for Deutche Aligemeine Christliche Kirche, City of New York, dated August 6, 1854. Sebastian Weifs and Margareth Baebel. 10. Marriage certificate on January 1866 at Trinity Church, City of Washington, Maryland. William J. Wallis and Susan Bealle Holly. 11. Marriage certificate in Queens County, New York. Sept 5, 1863. Joseph H Lawrence to Jane Ann Jackson. 12. Marriage certificate of Ridgewood, New York, March 1874, Joseph Laurence and Jennie E. Morse. 13. Marriage certificate of Joseph H Laurence of Jeruselam and Jane Ann Jackson of Jeruselam in the state of New York Married on September 5, 1863. 14. Marriage certificate of Peter Hood, and Sarah McKenzie of Schenectady, New York married on June 16, 1849. 17. The Lincoln Farm Association William Stevenson Jr. enrolled on February 27, 1907. National Park preservation, the farm which Abraham Lincoln was born. 18. Store permit, Connecticut Board of Pharmacy on 56 Main St. Hartford, CT to Dr. Per Nelson 1925. Lists medicines allowed to disperse. Certificate no. 323. Good for one year. 19. Store permit, Connecticut Board of Pharmacy on 56 Main St. Hartford, CT to Dr. Per Nelson 1926. Lists medicines allowed to disperse. Certificate no. 718 Good for one year. 20.Receipt of loss Dec. 26, 1896. New London, CT. 21. Dr. M.H. Ranney appointed by Common Council Resident Physician to the Lunatic Asylum February 1847. January 1848 re-appointed the Medical Department of Charity Institutions of the City of New York Jan 12, 1848. Signed by Commissions of Alms House Dept. Signature HG Leonard (?) a bit faded. 22. State of Connecticut Licensed Pharmacist, John Morgan Norwich, CT March 1899 23. Certificate of Appreciation by Office of the President of the United States to Enos E. Bowen, MD Local Board No. 12, Massachusetts, December 14, 1940. SD.S.S Form 22. 24. Massachusetts certificate of School of Medicine degree, Mosen C. Ranney, 1930?. 25.Hospital Department Alms House and Prison Establishment, Bellevue, City and County of New York. Appointment of Harris Ranney MD Dec 1846. 26. Court order for Celia Jordan. Committed as an insane patient Oct 4 1884 to the State Hospital for the insane , Norristown, PA 27. The Hahnemannian Society of the New York Homeopathic Medical College graduation exercise invitation. April 15, 1885. 28. New York Medical Society Diploma of Madison County. May 1829. 29. Los Angeles Medical School of Ophthalmology and Optometry Diploma, Scientific Refractionist to Nathan S Saltzman, document split in half. Dated Sept. 17, 1920 30. Certificate of Medical registration in the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Ireland. July 7, 1925. 31. Certificate of Registratioin of Authority to Practice as a physician and Surgeon. Anna Margaret Allen. County of New York. 32. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania certificate to Crommell O. Johnson MD to practice as Assistant Surgeon with rank of First Lieutenant of Pennsylvania Volunteers March 4, 1863. 33. Certificate to Stephen J Clark MD is a member of the Medical Society of the City and County of New York, Oct 4, 1864. 34. Oral Surgery Honorary Graduation Certificate to Charles Willard Taylor on June 14, 1922. University of Pennsylvania. 35. Group of six group photographs of Doctors and Nurses. 36. Historic photograph album (incomplete) of Nurses and Doctors and Volunteers. Germany? Copy and paste this link for a high-res photo: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hkw3c6kvnollpc6/AAC4m0NWvXkAG_pw7bxWumYta?dl=0

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