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Lot of 37 Books

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1) The Works of English Poets with Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, by Samuel Johnson. Incomplete set. Leather bound, Volumes 9, 20, 25, 29, 45, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 54, 65, 66, 67, 70, 71, 72. Total 18 volumes, Condition: Interior pages good. Bindings very dried out, brittle. Some have broken covers. H 6" W 3-7/8" D 1". 2) The Poetical Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. Cloth bound, A new text, with illustrative notes, by Thomas Wright, Esq. M.A., F.S.A., Etc. Published by John Wurtele Lovell, 14 & 16 Astor Place, New York. 1880. Includes, Canterbury Tales, The Cuckow and Nightingale, The Assembly of Foules, Minor Poems, and glossary.pp.631. Condition: H 7-3/8" W 5-3/8" D 1-1/2". 3) Kohl's Russia. Russia. St. Petersburg, Moscow, leather bound, Kharkoff, Riga, Odessa, The German Provinces on the Baltic, The Steppes The Crimea and the Interior of the Empire. By J.G Kohl. Chapman and Hall, 186, Strand. 1844.pp 530. Condition: H 8-3/4" W 5-3/4" D 1-3/8". 4) Amoor Regions, Travels in the Regions of The Upper and Lower Amoor and The Russian Acquisitions on the Confines of India and China. Leather bound, With adventures among Mountain Kirghis; and the Manjours, Manyargsm Toungous, Touzemts, Goldi, and Gelyaks; The Hunting and Pastoral Tribes by Thomas Witlam Atkinson, F.G.S., F.R.G.S., author of Oriental and Western Siberia. With a Map and Numerous Illustrations. Harper & Brothers, Publishers, Franklin Square 1860. Leather and marbled board binding with gilt lettering on spine. pp448 Condition: H8-3/4" W 6" D 1-1/2". 5) The Great Metropolis, A Mirror of New York by Junius Henri Browne 1869.Leather bound, A book available only through subscription. American Publishing Company pp increased from 600 to 700 due to more engravings. A complete history of metropolitan life and society, with sketches of prominent places, persons and things in the city, as they actually exist. Condition: H 9" W 6" D 2-1/8". 6) Rambler in 3 Volumes by Samuel Johnson L.L.D. 17th edition 1816. Leather bound, Printed by G. Woodfall, Angel Court, Skinner Street 1816. vol 1 pp 402, vol 2 406, vol. 3 pp.336. Condition: H 6-1/2" W 4" D 1-1/4". 7) The Roadmender by Michael Fairless, Leather and cloth bound, E.P. Dutton & Co., New York. pp. 144.Leather and cloth bound. 8) The Pilgrim's Progress from This world to That which is to Come. Delivered under the Similitude of a dream. with engravings 1850's. Leather bound, by Rev. John Bunyan, American Tract Society, 15 Nassau Street, New York., D. Fanshaw Printer. pp376 Condition: H 6" W 3-7/8" D 1-1/8". 9) Poor RIchard's Almanack by Benjamin Franklin, Leatyher bound, (Richard Saunders, Philomath) Selections from the Prefaces, Apothegms, and Rimes, with a Facsimile in Reduction of the Almanack of 1733. Edited by Benjamin E. Smith. Published by The Century Co, New York, 1896. Condition: H5-1/8" W 2-3/4" D 3/4". 10) Four volumes of the Bibelots. Edited by J. Potter Briscoe, F.R.H.S. Various Volumes. Leather bound, 1) Volume Four. 1899 Published by Gay and Bird. 2) Trivia and Other Poems by John Gay, Volume Nine 1900 Dr. Johnson's Table Talk, 3) Volume 11 Leaves from Diary of Samuel Pepys. New York Truslove, Hanson and Comba., 67 Fifth Ave. no date. 4) Volume not stated Early British Ballads, 1903 London Gay and Bird publishers Condition: H 5" W 2-3/4" D 5/8". 11) The Seven Lamps of Architecture by John Ruskin. Cloth bound, Illustrations drawn by the author. Reprinted from the Sixth English Edition. by Thoms Y. Crowell & Company, 46 E 14th Street, New York/100 Purchase Street, Boston. 1896. pp.293. Condition, No dust jacket. Hardbound cloth with gilt imprint. H 6" W 4-1/8" D 7/8". 12) The Sea Star revised by the editor D. P. Kidder, Board bound, Published by G. Lane & C.B. Tippett, For the Sunday School Union of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 200 Mulberry Street. J. Collard, Printer 1845. pp.36 Board Bound with marbled covers. Condition: H 6" W 4" D 3/8". 13) Painting as a Pastime, Winston S. Churchill. Cloth bound, Odhams Press Limited and Ernest Benn Limited in association with Hazell, Watson & Viney, Ltd. London, England, 1949 second impression. Cloth Bound, pp.32 of text followed by reproductions of paintings. Condition: H 8-5/8" W 5-5/8" D3/8" 14) My Island home, an autobiography by James Norman Hall. An Atlantic Monthly Press Book, Cloth bound, ittle, Brown. First Edition. 1952 No dust jacket, LLC# 52-9089 , pp. 374. Condition: H8-3/8" W 5-5/8" D 1-1/2". Estate of Nancy Sevatson. Copy and paste this link for a high resolution image: