Lot 33

Novelty Items - Toothpicks - Manicure

Estimate: $150 - $250

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Price Bid Increment
$0 $25
$300 $50
$1,000 $100
$2,000 $200
$5,000 $500
$10,000 $1,000
$20,000 $2,000
$50,000 $5,000
$100,000 $10,000
$300,000 $25,000
$500,000 $50,000
Toothpicks, manicure, and novelty items. Bone, horn and metals. Box #1, Miniature Opera Glasses, Image of "Horticultural Building" when you look through the lens. 2. Pen 'Souvenir de Marseilles ' with tiny lens which shows nine images of monuments or buildings. Left to right: a. Palais des arts. b. hard to read, but standing figure. c. La Prefecture d. Arc De Triumph e. Le Sanctaire f. Les Bains g. Le Vieux Port h. L'Ascenseur. i. . MMe Des Iles. 3. Small figure with telescope. Through lense an image of President Juarez. 4. Umbrella with lense at top. Five images within are a. a school b. St. James Church c. can't read, image somewhat blurred d. Court Square e. Maison House Block 5. Pipe handle with lens. Partially naked woman reflected in mirror, voyeur. 6. Small bone monocle with lens. Souvenir of Niagara Falls with six images within. a. Horse Shoe Falls b. American Falls c. From Goat Island d. Other view from Goat Island e. Whirlpool Rapids f. Winter Ice Mounds. 7. Intricately carved Pen with pen inside, have to unscrew to reveal pen nib holder. Lens at top reveals an image of The Universal Exhibition of Chicago. 8. Cross with small partial chain. In center of cross lens reveals Souvenir des communion, Priests giving communion to parishioners. Image is crooked, may be partially loose or mis-set. 9. Small charm of chopping knife. 10. Small hammer 11. small hammer 12. Stylus shape snuff, top unscrews with small cavity. Broken, parts included. Box #2 1. Toothpick with pink stone at end. Toothpick at end is 14K gold. Handle is not gold. 2. Cello Shaped with celluloid? pick and small snuff spoon that fold out from instrument. 3. Retractable toothpick with loop. 4. Ornate gold colored retractable toothpick. 5. Silver toothpick holder 0.145 ozt. 6. Lightly engraved retractable silver toothpick with loop 0.185 ozt. 7.10K gold toothpick holder with white/yellowish stone at end.0.105 ozt. 8. Gold colored retractable small spoon 9. Small retractable silver colored knife with small spoon at other end. Gifford's Pat. Nov. 6, 1867. 10. silver obelisk shape with toothpick and other section broken off' 11. Czechoslovakia knife with small Spoon. 12. Bone with three pointed files or picks. 13. Unmarked handmade? with three retractable toothpicks. 14. "Pick the best meat at L. Freedman's" Wholesale and Retail Market Corner Liberty and Centre St. Toothpicks. Made by The Whitehead and Hoag Co., Newark, New Jersey. 15. Steel's Cafeteria 297-301 Washington Street, Buffalo, NY with six toothpicks. 16. Wood with two bone toothpicks retractable. Painted on one side ALLAN CTY FAIR on reverse side remainder of flower painted on wood. 17. Bone retractable with two toothpicks. Decorated with VICKSBURG on one side and a lovely floral element on the reverse 18. Bone double retractable toothpick labeled in paint NEWPORT NEWS on one side and beautiful floral design on reverse 19. Double retractable toothpick in bone, simple design 20. Mother of pearl ? double retractable toothpick. toothpicks bone. 21. Qty 2 French manicure pieces. Three movable parts and file embedded in body. 22. Small carved bone with retractable toothpick and spoon. 23. Ribbed retractable double toothpick holder. 24. Single retractable bone toothpick holder in the shape of a naked man. 25. Eiffel Tower shape with three retractable manicure devices. 26. Amazing figural toothpick and spoon holder made of bone or celluloid? Figures head moves, tips down and up. Feet move to reveal spoon and pick Total Gold 10 K 0.105 ozt. Total silver 0.330 ozt. Each box H 7/8" W 12-1/4" D 8-1/4". Copy and paste this link for a high-res image: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tcntlwp85cciwyl/6482093_1.jpg?dl=0

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